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Buy Online Portable Traffic Lights

The Portable Traffic Lights (PTL) by Traffic R Us are Approved for use on NZ roads and are approved by the NZTA
PTL’s are an integral traffic management tool for use on roadworks sites or for event traffic control.
Traffic R Us has developed an easy-to-use Controllers for use on its traffic lights.
Dual-trailer set PTL (can be towed separately) are solar-powered with maintenance-free batteries for continuous operation.
The 200mm aspects use ultra-bright LED's for optimal viewing.
The PTL sets maintain constant RF (radio frequency) communication with the each other.
Normal RF operating range is up to 1.6km line-of-sight, but with our hi-gain directional antennas installed as standard the range is extended up to 3km**, subject to environmental conditions.
Features include quick one person set-up, extendable outriggers for greater stability, forklift pockets for truck transport, full electric mast, hot dipped galvanized chassis, industrial paint finish and powder coating.
Various operational control functions are available; multiple-set functionality for 1-4 way applications, include:
  • 2-Way Plant Crossing Control
  • 2-Way Shuttle Control
  • 3-Way Shuttle Control
  • 3-Way Intersection Control
  • 4-Way Intersection Control
  • Multi Daisy-Chain
For pricing contact us:à
527 Sawyers Arms Rd,
PO Box 20493, Bishopdale 8543,Christchurch,
Ph: 03-354-8575 (080) 087-2348


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