International Traffic Management


International Traffic Management

This English-taught professional graduate program prepares you for a career in the international mobility industry. When you opt for international traffic management, you will be trained to play a role like mobility manager, mobility consultant, traffic researcher or traffic and transport planner.
Find out
Will you be in charge of tomorrow's mobility?
Can you invent the technique to affect motorist behavior?
Can you design a new traffic safety Vests?
After your graduation level studies in NHTV Breda, you are aware of the dynamics engineer with the motivational forces of tomorrow, and a vision and knowledge of engineering and technology!
Your career?
Graduate (difference) is likely to get jobs in national companies:
Advisory agencies
Multinational companies
Small and medium enterprises
government services
Syllabus syllabus
When you opt for international traffic management, you will be trained to play a role like mobility manager, mobility consultant, traffic researcher and transport planner.
Traffic is an international level development expertise. It is a question of pedestrians, bikes, cars, buses as well as trucks, trains, and planes. The situation of traffic in the Christchurch (NZ) (i) is the safest in the world. Combined with the fact that the bike number is larger than the number of residents, it makes an interesting topic for the case/work of Dutch infrastructure.
Keep out the study
In the first and second years, you complete the projects, courses, training courses and training sessions. In the third year, you take two job appointments, for example, to carry out both of the three months in an advisory agency for example. In the second quarter of that year, you deepen your theoretical knowledge. In the fourth year, you work on your graduation work for a number of specialist classes and an international company in the Christchurch (NZ) or abroad, where the business language is English.
In the first two academic years, you can earn two credits by completing a course or practical component which you can choose yourself. For example, take part in an international study tour. At the moment, study trips are available for Dubai, New Zealand, and Arizona. Other destinations are Hamburg, Scotland, Barcelona, and Ireland.
Fast tracks
This program takes four years to track regularly, but a fast track is available for Dutch students with a VWO diploma or relevant MBO diploma (4). Do you already have one (primary) certificate from another higher education institution or university in the New Zealand? If so, you may be allowed to follow the fast track program.
Entry requirements for foreign students
Test of English as a Foreign Language
As a non-native speaker of English, you should also show enough results for one of these tests:
Teufel Test (minimum score is 80 internet based and at least subscore for speaking from 20)
IELTS test (a minimum sub-score score for speaking minimum overall band 6.0 and 6.0)
Cambridge Advanced Certificate
Your high school diploma is comparable with one level, so you are exempt from taking the English test.

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